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convened o hearing on immigration reform. congressman john conyers declared that the phrase illegal immigrant is not accurate and therefore should not be used. really? watch this. >> i hope no one uses the term illegal immigrants here today. our citizens -- the people in this country are not illegal, they are out of status. they are new americans that are are immigrants. >> sean: political correctness. looks like mr. conyers has take and page from the obama playbook because over the last four years we have seen the president master the art of dictating which words, which phrases we can and can mott use. for example remember the war on terror is now an overseas contingency operation. terrorist attacks are now man caused disasters and saying islamic radicalism is off limits because it might hurt somebody's little feelings.
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i may be old fashioned but i believe in call things what they are. a terrorist is a terrorist and someone who enters the country in an unlawful manner is an illegal immigrant. instead of giving us the vocabulary lessons maybe congressman conyers should be protecting the borders and making that his top priority. after all, american lives are at risk. that is all the time we have left this evening. as always thank you for being with us. let not your heart be troubled. greta is next to go on the record. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. >> greta: tonight the white house under fire. a secret government memo leaked asserting it is legal for the u.s. government to kill its own citizens. explosive outrage from both sides of the political aisle. that plus much more ahead. "on the record" starts right now. >> remember all of the anger that the left had over waterboarding and look at this
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now. >> we are tracking a developing story on new details from the justice department that seemed to lay out its case for killing u.s. citizens if they are determined to be a terror risk. >> we he can now kill americans as long as we stay they are related to al-qaeda somehow. and that link isn't too tough, al-qaeda hates america. all you have to do it hate america akron none the united states sometimes we use remotely piloted aircraft to conduct attacks against specific al-qaeda terrorists to prevent attacks on the united states and to save american lives. >> government is the source of prosperity. >> every month under president obama kind of feels the same. >> our economy right now is headed in the right direction. >> highway unemployment. rising prices and more debt for kids and grand kids. >> we can't just cut our way to
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prosperity. of course, we can't. and, of course, there aren't any cuts apart from dod. apart from the defense budget there haven't been any cuts. >> in the united states what has always been the source of prosperity. doesn't matter what has always been. because today the source ofosp, santa claus. >> north korean leaders released quite a video. scenes of destruction and north korean domination set to the tune of "we are the world." >> greta: all that and more in minutes. first a secret justice department memo claiming it is legal for the u.s. government
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to kill its own citizens abroad if an informed high level u.s. official believes they are senior al-qaeda leaders or engaged in operations aimed at killing americans. the memo leaves out a three part test. the suspect must be imminent threat. capture the target must be infeasible and the strike must be conducted according to law of war principles. congressman goudy joins us. president obama is opposed to torture and says it doesn't under constitutional reasons but thinks this is okay. >> kind of bit early ironic. you can't torture them but you can just kill them. our friends on the other side of the aisle did not like us being able to listen to phone conversations from nonamericans on foreign soil but yet you can kill americans under the fifth and 14th amendment about a senior doj official says it is okay. i don't have an issue with
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whether from a legal standpoint with whether or not government can impose the ultimate punishment in people. we do it in capital cases. >> greta: there is a major difference. >> there is a lot of difference. you have two attorneys appointed and two trials and an attorney of 12 people. skip over the substance to due process. the only procedure i see in place here is a high level senior doj official which may be the same ones that approved fast and furious. >> who is that? >> we don't know who they are. that is why the process is to source of prosperity confidence uninspiring. >> greta: i mean we have no idea who is making the decisions pulling the trigger on killing americans abroad. we have no idea. >> why could the same analysis not be employed for killing americans that you suspect are part of al-qaeda on american soil? why can you not do it on american soil? what is the difference?
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>> greta: have you asked for any documents. this was a leaked document that one news organization got. have you asked for any documents to find out more behind this? >> yes, ma'am. judge ted poe and i wrote doj several weeks ago saying what legal analysis do you rely upon to be able to reach this con clocks and we have heard crickets since then. so ordinarily i'm not a huge fan of leaked documents but all we know in terms of this legal analysis is what was leaked. judge poe and i have yet to hear from doj what their constitutional analysis supporting this. >> greta: you bring an interesting background to the discussion. a former assistant united states attorney and worked for the justice department as a former ausa. is there any way in your mind you can justify this? >> i'm also a former state d.a. that solved the death penalty seven different times. when the government seeks to
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kill one of its citizens it is a huge deand takes years if not decades to carry out the sentence. we are talking about heinous crimes. here you have a senior unaccountable doj official who makes the determination that recent activities lead him to conclude he is an imminent threat and you can send a drone to kill him. not to torture him but to kill him. i'm troubled any time government is as nontransparent as this. i mean this had to be leaked. we didn't know what the thought process was. when government targets its own is citizens cannot imagine anything more serious than that. >> greta: what are you going to do about it. >> i will get judge poe fired up again. i don't know if you know judge poe from texas. he was agitated several weeks ago before we knew what analysis they were using and i will ask if we can get the attorney general to come in and explain to me using the fifth and 14 amendments why this
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couldn't happen on american soil. >> greta: what s an imminent harm? >> according to whom? >> greta: according to whom. one of the people whod was killed by a drone was a 16-year-old boy who we had reason to believe his father was a terrorist. his father was killed as well. a 16-year-old boy. >> totally innocent bystander. sometimes in war and this is an unconventional war. i want to try to be fair with my analysis. it is not a traditional battlefield. having said that. >> greta: but it is killing americans. >> we did not elect senior doj officials to make the decisions. congress grave a declaration of war to president bush. if he is going to use that declaration to target american citizens on foreign land and have them killed without a judge, a jury or any
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semableance fifth ray amendment due process, the same folks that didn't like president bush torturing people they ought to be out raged that their president is killing people. have doj explain what does the word recent mean and what is the definition of activities? who is the high level doj official. >> greta: and how do you get your information and how do we know if it is of any value? we have a lot of bad information. >> usually we have to go to court to get information from doj. >> greta: always nice to see you. >> yes, ma'am. >> apparently president obama doesn't do deadlines. earlier today asking congress to delay sequestration again. just last month as you may recall the president signed a deal postponing the january 1 cuts until march 1 but time is running out again and president is asking for mothe another de. when is this going to end?
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senator johnson is on the finance committee and joins us. good evening, sir. >> good evening, greta. >> greta: should we just forget deadlines? >> the administration has a hard time adhering to any deadlines. we found out this week that they will present the president's budget late for the fourth time now in five years and when they do present it, it is moss a serious budget. voted on in the house and senate and both times got zero votes in the house and senate. no republican and democrat would vote for the president's budget. >> greta: it goes back to lbj himself and a lot of other presidents didn't get their budgets in on time. but the problem, the thing that concerns me is we now know the march 1 deadline is coming up and i see no indication that the president has been calling senator reid or calling speaker boehner or actually even moving until today wheezed dela when o delay it again. >> he is saying we don't want
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the spending cuts to take effect. thed a a menstruation has been saying all along that we don't -- the administration has been saying that we don't think washington has a spending problem, washington has a revenue problem. their solution to everything is raise taxes and that is what they are saying about the sequester. can hwe can replace or delay by getting revenues in the door and that means taxes. >> greta: the whole sequester thing emerged in august of 2011 and the idea of sequestration was from the president if they didn't have a decision by the supercommittee in november. that at any time happen. it was supposed to be january of 2013. nobody has done anything. the president hasn't made sure it got doughnuts leader and they push it off to march 1 and between january 1 and march 1 all of this stuff is going to get done. zero has gotten done and the president wants another delay and says today we can't just cut our way to prosperity meaning who is going to get the taxes this time. he raised it on the rich?
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now, are the middle class going to get? >> they have to to get serious revenue. he is talking about we will tax corporate jets and oil and gas. that raises about $3 billion a year. the deficit next year according to the congressional budget service $845 billion. they have $3 billion in tax increases against a $845 billion deficit. the point that you make is a good one. the president and he drove this thing in august of 2012. h20122011. he wanted the sequester. read woodward's book in page 226 or some where in this and the deep cuts in defense thinking at the time that would put enough pressure on republicans to get them to agree to higher tax. here we are he wants this thing delayed yet again but to be fair there has been a solution put forward. the house of representatives has not once but twice passed legislation that would replace the sequester and the deep defense cuts which do cause damage to our national security and our readiness with other
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cuts also in the budget. and that is something that has been rejected by the democrats here on capitol hill and by the president. >> greta: what i don't get is the gal to come out and ask for mother delay. i can't delay showing up for my job and neither canmy american. we can't keep asking for the delays and he says the economy is headed in the right direction. maybe it is but fourth quarter gdp of 2012 was quiteful and down and shrinking and unemployment ticked up the month of january. >> the slowest recovery since the end of world war ii. if you look at post world war ii recoveries and previous recessions and the way we have come out of them there has been much stronger growth. one of the reasons we have the growth is we have huge spending and huge amounts of debt and that is a drag on the economy. what people don't realize is when you have this level of debt as a percentage of our gdp it is costing you jobs. all of the research suggests when you get a debt to gdp level of more than 90% it costs
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you point to a point and a half of economic growth every year and that is a million to a million and a half jobs in the economy. >> i don't get it and i don't mean to put the blame on him. he is the president. he is the leader. he said i could do the job. i don't see him burning the midnight oil 86 don't see any of that. i see him going off on important projects as well but this has the march 1 deadline he agreed to and he signed off for and now he is pushing it off again. >> it is the greatest crisis right now facing the country. lord knows we have lots of big problems and the world is a dangerous place as we have been talking about. if you look at what is the greatest threat to our future right now it is out of control spending and debt at $16 trillion. the congressional budget office said today that the end of the decade we will add another $10 trillion to the debt. we are filing more and more debt on future generations. it is costing us and costing our economy, jobs and growth and that is going to lower take home pay for working class
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americans no question about it. >> greta: people say it is a national security problem too as well the more we sort of kick this one down. >> it takes presidential leadership to get any of these big things done and this president has not wanted to lead on the issue of spending and debt and this is another scamel of that. >> greta: tonight, california governor jerry brown taking on texas governor rick per arery in the governor's feud got real nasty. started with governor perry's radio ad kit seidenberging california's business climate and encouraging businesses to move to texas. >> building a business is tough but i hear building a business in california is next to impossible. this is texas governor rick perry and i have a message for california businesses. check out texas. there are plenty of reasons it texas has been named the best state for doing business for 8 years running. visit texas wide open for business .com and see why our low taxes, sensible regulations and fair legal system are just the thing to orgeat your business moving to texas.
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>> greta: california governor jerry brown didn't like texas governor perry's ad and offered up choice words about it. >> $26,000 radio buy in the smallest entry into the media market of california and as a fellow who has been tens of millions of dollars of advertising should i liken it to when you stand by the ocean? no. it is nothing. >> greta: and that is not all governor brown had to say. gets crazier. saying the campaign is not a serious story and not a burp it is barely this is the governor's own word, a fart. you heard right. dennis is coanchor of marcus now on fox business network and joins us. they made me read that because that is what the governor said. tell me about this war, this feud between the two governors? >> i think governor brown is kind of alerting to 8th grade
7:17 pm
because he should be feeley vulnerable and threatened at this point. california has one are the highest tax rates in the country. one of the highest upunemployment rates, third highest at 10% and it is a terrible place to do business and this is what governor perry is preying upon. this is a state that passed 800 new laws just last year. it passed a $000 million a year increase in taxes. -- $6 billion a year increase in taxes. if you are wanting to expand your company and happen to be one of the rich you want to set up in a state where the vast majority of people just voted to raise taxes 30%. the personal income tax rate 30% from 10 to 13 about percent on atonally sliver of people is simply because they make more money than any one else. it is not a place to do business. h hollywood doesn't even shoot in california in any more. hollywood isn't hollywood. i have heard executives say because it is too expensive to do business in california. >> greta: a lot of people like to live in california because
7:18 pm
of the beautiful weather and beautiful coastline but you governor perry is trying to poach business from california. sort of an amusing sense is that governor brown took the bait. the short ad that governor perry put on the radio you will hear about it now because governor brown took the bait. >> a state with a population of 38 million people. created only 257,000 jobs last year in the private sector in california. only 8500 jobs in the recent months. this is a state decided by the year 2020, 30% of all its energy must be green sources solar and wind. yet, california, sits on the biggest national gas resources in the entire country and now planning to build for alternate energy plants the ehe equivalent of 470 disney world theme parks just in california by the next, you know, ten or
7:19 pm
more years. this s going to raise the cost for all business and imtaling you you what we are seeing today, more businesses going to leave, california. you saw the golfer phil mickelson saying my marginal tax rate in california is 62%. he will leave, california. we are only seeing a start here. i think that california is not out of the problems at all. i think the new tax increase for $6 billion more a year will drive business out of the state and they will have a hard time. >> greta: they certainly are putting a standard up for themselves that will le tested. we will all be watching, california. thank you. >> what do you think about the two governors fighting like that? tell us your thoughts about governor perry versus governor brown. straight ahead, this is a first and it is odd. the north korean government releasing a music video is, is more? is it really a threat to us? ambassador john bolton here to talk about that with us next. and chris christii getting
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>> greta: north korea releasing a disturbing video that shows a missile attack on a u.s. city that appears to be new york and set to the tune of michael jackson's "we are the world."
7:24 pm
>> the video starts with a man dreaming he is aboard a north korean space shuttle launched by a rocket and shows a u.s. city in ruins and the north core are rean caption reads some where in the united states black clouds are smoke are billowing. the video ends with a man saying his dream will come true. is the video a warning, a threat, former u.n. ambassador john bolton joins us. is this a first? is is spot north korean cinema that threatens us. what threatens us is the idea that the people in north korea
7:25 pm
are dreaming about destroying new york and worse than that that they are conducting research on nuclear devices and ballistic mill sills that would make that possible. >> greta: i have been to north korea and they have this event in august carried on where they have about 120,000 people performing in unison together and it tells a whole story and the same sort of story about how we are at war with the united states and we are winning the war. what is interesting to me is this is just like moving it to a new medium and bringing it up to 2013 of videos and the internet but precisely what they do in august every year. >> one aspect that ought to get peoples a attention is that all of the speculation about how you
7:26 pm
kim junge un would be, the propaganda and threat is are the same. interesting timing. a lot of speculation in south korea and the united states the north is on the verge of its third nuclear test. an interesting relead to that if that is coming next after a successful launch of a satellite into earth orbit. >> greta: president morisy of egypt gave a state visit to ahmadinejad from iran. what do you think the israelis think about this? >> they have to be worried about it. another consequence of the overthrow of mubarak and as much as people don't like his lack of respect for democratic human rights he never would have had ahmadinejad or anybody else from tay ron ran i tehrana leadership position in cairo. they both have their problems
7:27 pm
and have a clear disagreement about the civil war in syria. if i were israel. >> greta: but they are talking about it. >> looking at how they have supported hamas the terrorist group and the gaza strip i would be worried about these divisions being smoothed over. >> greta: another doal mix and i hate to sound like a broken record on this president bashir of sudan but he is under indictment to the icc was given a state visit a couple of months ago to egypt. you should have been arrested when stepped foot in visit and instead give and a state visit and up to his eye balls with sue and weapons to the sue sudanese mixes factor. >> john brennan who has been nominated to dram ia is dunnedmentally missing the point. this is a huge problem and not
7:28 pm
just a problem for israel. a problem for other states in the region friendly to the united states. the oil producing countries of the persian gulf. and ultimately a threat to the people of egypt and us. >> i don't think the president of egypt getting cozy with ahmadinejad is anything but you a disaster. a very bad sign. >> certainly an indication about the overall failure of our policy in the middle east, no question about it. >> greta: ambassador, thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> greta: coming up, accused killer jodi arias taking the stand. testifying about the tart of her affair with the man she is accused of slaughtering in the shower. you will see her testimony for yoursome coming up. plus, governor chris christie takes on one of his biggest jet ticks. here is a hint. it involves, what else, donuts. she knows you like no one else.
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>> greta: the danger far from over at the underground bunker where a five-year-old boy was held hostage for a week. bomb technicians found two explosive devices. one device is inside the bunker. the other in the plastic pipe police used to communicate with the killer. and tomorrow police will continue their search for other explosives. and tonight, five-year-old ethan is back with his family and griff jenkins is in midland city and spoke with the little boy's great uncle. >> this is the neighborhood where ethan and his mom live along with extended members of his family. we caught up with his great uncle.
7:33 pm
>> once you heard the news what were you feeling and worryd that he might not have been doing as well? >> i didn't know what to think really. he -- i didn't know what to expect but when i saw him i knew that -- i knew that he was doing well. he mean just you have to know him to understand that. but he just by his expressions and stuff he was doing great. >> reporter: when you saw him, tell me about going in and seeing him after he got out and how he is doing? >> there is no feeling like it in the world. he had the biggest smile that you can imagine and just lit my heart up and he looked wonderful. he looked like hey, i just been on vacation or something so. he looked good. >> this must have been a relief hearing that he was acting just normal is that just like he always does. >> yeah, i mean he was -- i mean it was wonderful to see him. i mean it was just wonderful to see how happy he was after
7:34 pm
enduring something like that. >> how is his mom? >> his mom is doing great. she's elated that he is back home and the whole family is and she is doing great now. >> greta: and that was a daring operation that freed five-year-old ethan. how did law enforcement know they haded better storm the bunker when they did? griff jenkins spoke with the sheriff. >> as a sheriff and as a dad did you have to fight your own emotions that a guy is holding a boy in a bunker. >> absolutely. as a father all you can think about is hike i said earlier that could be your child and you want to go out there and you want to do everything humanly possible to save that child. you want to reunite that child with his family to go home and do the things that he would normally do like play with his toys and go in his room and watch tv and hug his momma. go to school and play with
7:35 pm
friends. those are things that got interrupted in his life and i hope we can get ethan through the healing process and back to his environment and his world where he can g go back to his friends and enjoy. >> was he a brave young boy during the ordeal? >> absolutely. he is bandle of joy and just a child is a gift from god and something we all should cherish and to me there is no greater gift. like i said, i am a father. >> how did jimmy lee treat him during the ordeal? >> in the beginning he did sort of take care of h him but it deteriorated. he felt like he was in danger. we had to make a decision and we did make that decision and we went in to rescue him. >> at the end, was there resistance or was he sort of at the end of his game and he knew it? >> he was given the opportunity and it didn't work out.
7:36 pm
>> greta: and new information tonight, police telling us jimmy lee dykes did resist capture at the end. they say he engaged in a fire fight with the s.w.a.t. agents as they entered the bunker. he had reenforced the bunker against any attempt ited entry by law enforcement. the jury hears from a woman accused of murdering her ex-boyfriend in the shower. jodi arias talks about her sexual relationship with the murder victim. her testimony plus our legal panel is here next. and in two minutes he has world peace in his name but there was no peace on the basketball court. the lakers star causing a raucus and getting into billing trouble. you will see what went down. that's two minutes away. thank you so much. i appreciate it. i'll be right back. they didn't take a dime. how much in fees does your bank take to watch your money? if your bank takes more money than a stranger,
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officewith an online package new colincluding: domain name,y! website builder with five pages and basic email just $49.99! that's up to 76 percent below online providers and only at officemax stores! >> greta: bad news for world peace. well, metaworld peace. the los angeles lakers star getting a one game suspension for hitting the detroit pistons tons brandon knight in the face. here is how the fight went down on sunday. >> to gasol.
7:39 pm
gasol accentuates the reach by greg munroe and now we have world peace jason maxille, clark and blanton knight. >> greta: the fight broke out with 1:43 left in the first half of sunday's game. take a look at it in slow motion. after the fight the lakers went on to beat the pistons by one point, 98-97 but world peace was forced to sit out tonight's fame against the brooklyn nets. we want to know what you think about all this? was the nba right to suspend metaworld peace? go to greta wire .com and tell us. we are back in two minutes. ♪
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>> greta: the start of a sexual relationship that ended in murder. today, jodi arias back on the witness stand testifying about meeting the naked man she is accused of savegely murdering in the shower. telling the jury about their first sexual encounter are.
7:42 pm
>> when began to remove your clothing, was that then surprising to you? >> it was -- it was a little surprising but it was more are i felt appeals hencive but i was going with it. >> what do you mean you felt apprehensiv. >> i didn't want to tell him no so i just kept going with it. >> why didn't you want to tell him no? >> i didn't want to do -- i didn't want to do anything that would maybe dissuade him. i didn't want him to feel eject and i didn't want him to get his feels hurt or i didn't want to spoil the mood sort of like that. we were getting along. we were -- we had some kind of
7:43 pm
chemistry. i just didn't want to like snuff it out right then by saying stop i guess that was my thought. >> why would rejecting him at that point in time be such a big deal to you? >> at that point in time i was not really accustomed to saying no. i wasn't -- i wasn't -- i have a lot more backbone now than i used to. >> greta: troy hayden was in the courtroom today. i'm not sure where this one is going for her? >> i will tell you this. you you played the taped stuff. a lot of people blushing in the courtroom. very graphic sexual testimony. stuff i can't repeat here and i don't think i would could repeat in an r rated movie. the defense is trying to paint picture of two travis alexander.
7:44 pm
a mormon, virginal and this private travissa alexander who was sexually pride and aggressive and possibly the defense is interest going to try to prove tomorrow this private travis alexander was is also an abuser and that led her to kill him in self-defense. >> that still isn't isn't a hell defense to leaving and coming back and shooting him and sticking him with a knife 27 times and slitting his throat. that is not exactly self-defense if you left and come back. >> good point. >> i'm having a hard time understanding where the defense is going. this may be all they have but it looks rather thin from this perspective. >> they have a big hill to climb, greta. everybody kind of understands out here that jodi arias is not going get off completely. she could get a second-degree murder charge. the prosecution is going after
7:45 pm
the death penalty here so if the defense just saves her life they could say that is a victory. >> except for the fact you put her on in this stage and she lies to them and then you go to the death penalty phase if convicted and gets back on the witness stand and now beg for mercy because she is a liar. usually you save your client and take the guilty verdict by not putting your client on o the stand and then wait for the death penalty phase and then ask for mercy. >> i think you had a good point earlier do they have nothing its. i watched several days of testimony from the defense and i can tell you from my perspective i'm just a guy sitting there, i try to think of myself as a member of the jury. they have nothing else. kind of a hail mary putting her on the stand. tomorrow is the big day if you ask me. >> greta: and i'm not sitting in the courtroom. i'm 3,000 miles away and sometimes verdicts completely surprise you and sometimes when you are in the courtroom it makes a big difference. thank you, troy. >> you got it get.
7:46 pm
>> greta: now, to our legal panel. bernie, i would have tackled that woman before i let h her take the witness stand. >> never ever let your client take the stand in any kind of case. >> greta: it is her choice. >> it is her constitutional choice and the lawyer can't make that decision for her. that being said, you never call your client in a merit state of a death penalty case because the client says i didn't do it. three days later she is convict and on the stand, listen, i'm sorry, i tried to fool you, did i do it. what this lawyer is doing, what he is doing and ted will tell you why he. this is direct testimony and i will be he quick, michael, i'm sorry. between 18 and 22 she was interested in christianity and buddhism. nothing to do with the case. then she dated a guy named matt mccar arethy. nothing to do with the case. he didn't abuse her. 2001 worked at a place, gave her a job from 2001 to 2005.
7:47 pm
she didn't find out until five years later that he smoke, drank and engaged in witchcraft. nothing to do with the case and then at the end these are like the notes i took in law school i can never find them. brewer gave her a dvd about christianity. nothing to o do with the case. picks up with the guy alexander and slaughters the guy to digit. death. >> ted will tell you why he is doing it. >> he is saying don't kill my client. he has her on the stand going through a bunch of irrelevant information. i don't know why the judge is allowing this information to come in. if we went into the penalty phase i could see he where it is coming in. none of this matters. it is until relevant. we want to know how you killed him and why you killed him and that is the question and the meat of case. >> greta: go ahead, should she he have taken the stand? >> she should have taken the
7:48 pm
stand. i said that last week. she should take the stand. it is her only hope in this case. what the defense is doing. they are putting her up. they are doing it pain stakingly and going much too slowly but they he want the jury to get to know her. it will make it hard for the jury to put her to death to bring back that death verdict. >> greta: that is if she is likeable. and you have that opportunity. you have that opportunity in the death penalty phase and now setting her up for being a liar so if the jury convicts her they are not going to like her. >> she said i did it. it is the reason that she did it that the jury is going have to grapple with. these people aren't after getting her a not guilty verdict. what they want is bring back a second-degree or manslaughter, don't put her to death. like the reporter said if they
7:49 pm
get anything but a death penalty they have won this case. that is what they are doing. i got to tell you i'm waiting for the cross-examination because that district attorney is firey, full of passion and it is going to be interesting. and i'm just -- i want to see whether he can change it up. >> michael, on cross-examination this guy is very aggressive and he may alienate jurors so he has to be careful how you cross examine this woman. >> i absolutely agree with that. >> greta: there will be another day of testimony and we will all discuss this again tomorrow night. gentlemen, thank. >> all right. >> greta: get ready star wars fans. a fan favorite about to get a new starring role. who is it and what is hollywood planning? that is next. unlike other diapers, pampers has 3 absorbent layers, for up to 12 hours of protection overnight. pampers.
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>> greta: that adorable horse from the bud wise super bowl and topping the favorite social media moments of the day. the associated press tweeting the social media votes in budweiser clydesdale fowl gets a name. hope. hope became quite a star after the super bowl ad aired. the naming contest generated more than 60,000 tweets and facebook comments. good news tonight for star wars fans. disney is expanding the empire. another movie is in the making
7:54 pm
but this time luke skywalker will not be the star. ready are you? disney reportedly working on spinoff films for several characters starting with yoda. no word on what yoda will be up to but we will keep you posted. and yahoo tweeting couple hits the lottery jackpot not once but twice in a weekend out-of-town trip. one of the prizes $000,000. how did this happen, this they picked up a couple of lottery tickets on the way that their weekend cab bin. one of the $20 tickets hit the $1 million jackpot but the luck didn't run out yet. they bought another few tickets and this time a $10 ticket turned out to be a $50,000 winner. they won a total of $714,000 after tax. and finally, could a missouri doctor's facebook rant get her fired? posting so i have a patient who has chose ton either no show or
7:55 pm
be late sometimes hours for all her prenatal visits, ultrasounds and nsts. she is now three hours late for her induction may i show up late to her delivery. that made some of the hospital's moms to be mad and they are calling for the doctor to be fired but the hospital says the doctor didn't break any hospital laws. should the doctor be fired or not? on her side report patient side. by the way, what are your favorite tweets and posts of the day? who caught your attention on twitter and facebook. follow me on twin cities ite ta wire. coming up, last call. governor chris christi ed taking on david letterman. who got the last laugh? you will see for yourself. that's next. rify and lock. command is locked. five seconds. three, two, one.
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i'm meredith stoddard and i helped create the fidelity guided portfolio summary. it's one more innovative reason serious investors are choosing fidelity. now get 200 free trades when you open an account. >> greta: new jersey governor chris christie showing up in the david letterman studio, turning tables on the tv host. >> i made jokes about you not
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